Sales and Service Professional

Dennis Stahl is a Sales and Service Professional working with Cesco commercial Pool and Spas customers, food plants and other industrial businesses. Mr. Stahl enjoys helping people solve all sorts of chemistry and mechanical/electrical related problems, taking pride in being “the Swiss Army Knife of Cesco Sales.”

Before joining Cesco, Mr. Stahl worked in Sales and Service with US Food Service and Ecolab, selling food, equipment, and cleaning chemicals. As a one-time Head Chef on a cruise ship, he knows the food business and need for quality Cesco cleaning and sanitation products that improve health safety and the environment.

Mr. Stahl is happily married and has several pets. His hobbies include outdoor recreation, building, motorcycling, dog training, brewing, bee keeping, gardening, and playing guitar and drums.  Fun Fact: Dennis was Cesco’s 2019 Sales Champion of the year!