Food Processing

Cesco Solutions is Safer, Cleaner, and Cost-Effective

Long before food safety became front-page news, Cesco has been a leading provider of solutions and protocols for more effective cleaning and sanitizing for environmentally conscious food processing facilities cleaning.

  • We are leaders in plant sanitation, equipment cleanliness, CIP, spoilage prevention (intervention chemistries) and the elimination of cross contamination.
  • Cesco places a high priority on employee safety, with our engineered products and programs for improved employee hygiene, hand-washing solutions, and food-borne illness prevention. You can be confident our treatment programs are safely designed for the environment and for your staff.
  • Cesco works with your management and sanitation teams to provide training that supports your quality control program and regulators, while maintaining safety standards and keeping your budget under control.

You Know Food Processing and So Does Cesco

Our team of experts saves you money and time, while reducing staff workload and meeting regulatory and environmental constraints in all types of Food Processing.

  • Keep processing equipment, ovens, mixers, fans, bins, conveyors, and belts free from soils, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms with Cesco products, application technologies and standard operating procedures (SOP’s).
  • Increase shelf life and revenues, by reducing cross contamination of finished products by microorganisms, allergens, and molds.
  • Keep employees and the public safe with our custom programs and solutions for deep cleaning and sanitation processes, personal and industrial hygiene, and food safety standard compliance.

Cesco makes sure that we never get out of compliance, and never face any fines. Their knowledge of our industry and their problem-solving skills have made for a great relationship.

Sue T.
Engineering Administrative Assistant
Major Poultry Processor