Keeping the Transportation Industry on Track for Success

Cesco Solutions knows that margins are tight in the trucking, shipping, and freight industries. There’s no time to waste when cleaning and disinfecting your fleets, and we are committed to getting you back on the road, the sea, or in the air, while meeting all compliance goals.

  • We have proprietary and custom product lines for degreasing, brightening, disinfection, and general and sanitation that solve industry-wide deposit and wastewater issues.
  • Cesco’s chemists, engineers, and technicians can help you with both exterior, interior, and internal (tank) applications, to assure your fleet is clean, sanitary and professional while meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Top Quality results and Safety means assurances for both your employees and clients that our chemical applications are effective, affordable, and environmentally sound. Our chemistry programs have been designed to minimize rework and reduce disposal costs, especially when wastewater is a concern.

Cesco’s Expertise Leads Your Industry on Land, Sea, and Air

Our team of chemists, engineers and technicians saves you money and time, while reducing staff workload and meeting environmental constraints in all areas of the transport industry.

    • For worker and customer hygiene, we offer a full product line of cleaners, detergents, glass cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants, as well as dispensing equipment for their use.
    • Cesco has products and procedures to clean bulk containers, shipping containers, tanker trucks and more, handling every substance from consumables to latex paint, to volatile chemicals – without endangering your staff or harming the purity of the end products.
    • We provide a customized service program for your transportation industry that meets the growing need to increase productivity and lower production costs.

Cesco has an innovative, problem-solving procedure that results in the application of the most effective and economical chemical for our company. Their Cesco 771 product has not only become one of our most versatile cleaning agents, but it also costs about half the price of the chemical it replaced in some cleaning applications. I often recommend Cesco to other companies.

Edward W.
Washrack Foreman
Large Transportation Company