Water Treatment

Not Just A Chemical Supplier:

Cesco Solutions Is Your Water Treatment Specialist

We have more than 40 years of experience developing products and programs for the Water Treatment Industry, earning a reputation for solving wastewater issues that even the largest companies in the industry have been unable to address effectively.

We have:

  • Specialists in surface and colloidal chemistry, coagulation, flocculation, solid-liquid separation, solids dewatering, chlorine disinfection, ozonization, UV radiation and many other water treatment methods and processes.
  • A staff of chemists, engineers, and microbiologists, as well as advanced laboratory testing facilities, that provide innovative service, solutions, and chemistry for your water treatment needs.
  • The experts to help your facility improve water quality, increase productivity, lower production costs, and comply with environmental standards.

How Cesco Makes A Difference

Clean and accessible water sources are a major concern in the US and world-wide. Water treatment facilities face growing pressure to provide innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective programs for drinking water purification, industrial wastewater reclamation, and other water use solutions.

We can customize water treatment and disinfection protocols for your specific industry, working with your staff to create programs and chemistries that meet your specific needs.

  • Municipal Water Systems
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Public and Private Pool Centers
  • Laundry and Textile Facilities
  • Beverage and Food Processing Plants
  • Agricultural Applications

I have worked with Cesco for the last nine years, and have found their service and technical support to be excellent. They were able to develop a process for our waste treatment that effectively solved our discharge problems, as well as saving us money by reducing penalties and chemical costs.

I have recommended them to other companies in the past, and will continue to do so.

Don S.
Senior Advisor
Major Poultry Processor